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With your decision to purchase and download Meltdown MP3s by Awerealis Knight, you are also choosing to be bound by the following terms and conditions with due respect to all products, digital and/or physical, received via this purchase. This scroll box is several pages long - please use the scroll-bar to view the entire agreement.


© Copyright 2008 Phormulae Independent. All Rights Reserved. Produced by Glenn T Wallace B.MM. The MP3 music files on the Gone Meltdown EP by Awerealis Knight is for the individual purchaser's personal enjoyment only (for broadcast radio and production rights are discussed in a subsequent section of this agreement). Please feel free to play at private gatherings for your immediate family, friends and colleagues. You may keep several personal backups, a copy on disc, on your personal computer and on your MP3 Player.

Copyright Warning

The Meltdown EP by Awerealis Knight music, musical arrangement and associated lyrics may not be sampled, remixed, shared online, stored in a place accessible to file-sharing software, published, copied, reproduced or broadcasted without the express permission of Awerealis Knight and Phormulae Independent.

Content Rating

The Gone Meltdown EP is unofficially rated PG - Parental Guidance is recommended for children younger than 15 years - contains some Course Language. No Official Government Censorship or Classification has been applied to the Meltdown MP3 downloads, so it is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that the MP3s and materials are used only in accordance with local law. People under the age of 18 years, please ask permission from your parent/guardian before purchase.


6 variable-length electronic music tracks: Me, Long Story, Neat Craze, Heaven Bound, All Over Again (instrumental), and, Accidental Love (instrumental). After purchase, the digital music tracks are downloadable as 320kbps MP3 files, along with album artwork as freely printable Adobe PDF files.

Online Payment

Refunds will only be processed if you have difficulty accessing the MP3s for download - all downloads are tracked and logged by the website.

You may not duplicate Gone Meltdown EP in any way to share outside of your immediately family or to make a profit of any kind.

After successful purchase via Paypal or Credit Card, ensure you Return to the Gone website after payment to trigger your password email. The password email will be sent to the email address nominated on your details form during online payment - ensure your email address is accurate as it can take several days for us to assist with such payment errors caused by inaccurate details.

Membership/Access to MP3s

The automatic membership email contains the URL and password you'll need to use in your web browser to access the Meltdown MP3 downloads page. Please don't forward this email because under no circumstances may you willingly share any of the logon information with anyone else other than your partner or immediate kin. If you don't get the email, place an enquiry at and we will resubmit the abovementioned email.

Once established, the exclusive logon to download Meltdown MP3s is provided without manual support, so please keep your logon in a safe place - bookmark/add the logon page to your favourites - you can request a new password using the forgotten password facility provided on the logon page. You are aware that the Exclusive Online Membership is a work in progress and additional artwork downloads will be released in stages.

Email & Guestbook Privacy

You are subscribed to Awerealis Knight Email News automatically on payment, though you may unsubscribe at any time using the links in the emails or on the Member's page.

Awerealis Knight's online Guestbook shows posts from the public. Although the guestbook is moderated, Awerealis Knight cannot guarantee that you will not be offended by any posts.

Awerealis Knight does not share your private details and will never release any contact lists to anyone! I also promise to never send you any SPAM, though I cannot guarantee that someone masquerading as Awerealis Knight might fraudulently send you SPAM. If you opt-in to one of my mailing lists though, I will send you useful emails only, until you opt-out. I cannot guarantee that someone else might use your email address to sign up to a mailing list, though in that case I will send you an email to confirm your subscription to the list before sending any further email to you.

Radio Broadcast, Production Agency and Education Use

Non-commercial Community Radio Stations may, for a limited time, play Awerealis Knight's Meltdown MP3s completely for FREE after just one $10 purchase of the Meltdown MP3 Downloads per radio station identity - this includes Community Radio stations that broadcast on multiple frequencies in any number of regions, and Community Radio stations may also use Internet Streaming to transmit the Meltdown MP3s but only if the stream is an uninterrupted simulcast of a regular AM or FM radio-broadcast. Commercial Radio Stations who wish to broadcast Meltdown MP3s by any medium (excluding HTTP, FTP, File-sharing and P2P networks) must make a request using the online form at, and mention your willing price and playcount for broadcast rights, then Awerealis Knight will get back to you ASAP. Students may use my MP3s for non-profit multimedia productions, though anyone wishing to use the MP3s in a for-profit production of any kind please use the Request form at to ask permission. Radio presenters are allowed to talk-over any of the Meltdown MP3s, though Awerealis Knight requests that talk-over be limited to less than 15% of the track duration. Awerealis Knight does not ask commercial broadcasters for royalty payment when a track is played for less than 75% of its duration and then stopped by a technical equipment failure or emergency broadcast - any other form of partial-use of any Meltdown MP3 atracts the same royalty payment as full-use of the MP3 track. Royalty agreements are negotiated on a per-client basis directly with Awerealis Knight.

General Disclaimer

For whatever remote reason, any litigation to be brought against Awerealis Knight with respect to a Meltdown MP3 downloads purchase, or objection to the content in this original creative work must take place preferably in Brisbane QLD Australia, or in a state or territory capital-city of the country, Australia (South-West Pacific).

$2 from each purchase is split evenly between these worthy charities: World Vision (Sri Lanka), Save the Children (Guatemala), Food Water Shelter (Tanzania), Make a Wish Foundation (Australia), Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Australia), Wilderness Society (Australia), and Amnesty International.

Purchase price includes 10% Goods and Services Tax paid to the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

Purchase price does not include Internet service or download fees charged by your Internet Service Provider.

Sounds Fair, Right?

If you do not agree completely with these terms and conditions, please do not proceed with this purchase.
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