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Do you fit the criteria? 

Really I am asking you seriously and would like to know, do YOU FIT the CRITERIA?

If you already know you have good intentions here today, please... I emplore you to proceed.
If not, please leave this site now as it is probably NOT quite FOR YOU. PLEASE, I really do mean it :)

Oakey doakey now...

KNIGHT Club is an EXCLUSIVE CLUB for forward-thinking, down-to-earth, self-honest people. MEMBERSHIP is automated to SAVE TIME and resources. So PRETTY PLEASE... if you DON'T LIKE what YOU SEE on THIS PAGE, simply don't JOIN.

Please READ and COMPREHEND this entire page... if you don't, you'll MISS important information that let's YOU know if YOU are going to FIT IN well with KNIGHT Club's existing stronghold of great, forward-thinking members.

Please NOTE, the terms of service of this website require you to READ and COMPREHEND all INFORMATION - text, pictures, video, audio - THOROUGHLY and IN-CONTEXT.

Presenting views based on information taken OUT of CONTEXT is treading on DANGEROUS ground with Awerealis Knight himself and won't win you any accolades with KNIGHT Club members. Any KNIGHT Club member who, whether willfully or unknowingly, uses Usurper Tactics on this website or visibly in public, gets a KNIGHT Club STRIKE. Just like baseball AND softball too... 3 STRIKES and YOU'RE OUT! Demerits never expire and are applicable to INDIVIDUAL PERSONS, not thier LOGON to KNIGHT Club. People who are struck out, don't join again. If you sign up to KNIGHT Club, you agree to present your views constructively.

Aspiring Knight Club Members are required to always apply "common-sense" and meet the following set of selection-criteria codes as set-out below, by Awerealis Knight. The wording sometimes appears quite harsh of course, and that is designed to WEED out "WEEDY" people. If you can't TAKE the HEAT, don't join KNIGHT Club.

Of course, Awerealis Knight has neither authority over you, nor wants it. He only wishes to protect himself and others from dishonest social-vandalism and other time-wasting malicious acts that some people think profitable. Everyone has the right to their dreams, especially if those dreams really HELP people live better LIVES. Awerealis Knight believes everyone is capable of ALL the SUPER-HUMAN ACTS, of all their greatest DREAMS, with the right advice and/or assistance. Some appear they are lucky enough to be rockstars, "OUT-OF-THE-BOX" so-to-speak... Look deeper at how awesome talent is nurtured by others who identify it, and you'll see NO ONE is a GENIUS without some kind of HELP and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from OTHERS.


...if NOT, you CHEATED by SCANNING down the page and you are GUILTY of FAILING to READ the FINE PRINT!

BAAAD, Tsk Tsk! Most websites hide this information behind a LINK or SOMETHING but I DON'T because I AM NOT trying to RIP YOU OFF!

PLEASE Go BACK and READ IT ALL, otherwise friends please read an comprehend onwards...

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Selection Criteria

TICK the BOXES to indicate that you agree with these great philosophies for sustainable and respectful living that EVERYBODY KNOWS are the TRUE keystones to honest success in business and happiness in life.
Otherwise choose to IGNORE these golden rules and please LEAVE this WEBSITE immediately.

Under Construction:
This page is currently under construction. We apologise for the inconvenience.

1. MUST deal in REALITY with the understanding the EVERYTHING HAPPENS for a "SCIENTIFIC" REASON!

2. MUST be HONEST TO ONE'S SELF, and not apply rationalisations and TALL STORIES to cover up otherwise apparent flaws in one's IDEOLOGY/BELIEFS and PERSONALITY.

3. MUST understand the present NATURE OF MAN is to be MONEY-ORIENTATED, mostly with HONESTY, but possibly implementing DISHONESTY in order to attain more money with less effort at the expense of others.

4. MUST watch the current state of MOTHER NATURE - we all know the addage: "A butterfly flaps its wings in Asia..." - YOU AGREE we should really update that to, "China builds a huge dam, Tonga disappears into the ocean!"

5. MUST develop and exercise compulsions to HELP OTHERS - be productive, find happiness. Don't be destructive, or you'll eventually find INSANITY and LONLINESS.

6. MUST attempt to LIVE SUSTAINABLY - WHY NOT? Reforest, eat organic, use renewable energy, recycle - you know the drill... it's been "bashed" into ya by the media this entire past decade! Is it not humourous how easily we forget.

7. MUST possess a PRODUCTIVE ATTITUDE and ability to INTEGRATE KNOWLEDGE into good new ideas that bring value to the world... all reincarnation beliefs aside, this is your ONE and ONLY chance on EARTH to MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT! Don't sit idle, GET INTO IT!

8. MUST actively MAINTAIN OPINIONS about EVERYTHING RELEVANT to PEOPLE, updating ONE's POINT-OF-VIEW with valid new knowledge and information as it comes to hand.

8. MUST be considered an Adult (18 ) in your lands or have Parent/Guardian permission

You have NOT ticked all the boxes!

This means you don't understand or agree with one of the acceptance criteria for KNIGHT Club (if that's not true, then please tick all the boxes above). That's okay, EACH to their OWN. Don't mind if you are a closed-minded person who greedily chases sex and money or other more worthless things, just know you will never be truly happy. For that, WE who accept and conduct the codes of the KNIGHT Club acceptance criteria, pity you. Have fun fighting tooth-and-nail for the last tin of baked-beans when unsustainable society truly collapses. Until then, have fun fighting over who gets the last Toy Truck or Fashion Doll on the toy shop shelves on Xmas Eve. Best wishes :)

Way Cool!
You have TICKED ALL the BOXES!

Wow, I am impressed because this means YOU are one of the truly few people in the world who will whole-heartedly chase honest happiness over the "easier" dirty way of rorting others!

Now careful please, if that previous sentence doesn't sound like you, then you have ticked some/all boxes DISHONESTLY! If that is the case, you are encouraged NOT TO Sign-up to KNIGHT Club. Computers are still pretty dumb and it remains way too easy for smart human-beings to circumvent measures designed to KEEP usurpers OUT! The terms of service of this website require you to obey the instructions on all forms.

If you are willing to sign-up without truly agreeing to the selection criteria, and willing to cause unwanted distractions and trouble for the honest KNIGHT Club members, then you will be promptly ostracised from the community permanently. You will also be SHAMED with a listing of your KNIGHT Club ID in the KNIGHT Club HALL of SHAME... note, the HALL of SHAME page is only accessible by logged-on KNIGHT Club members. If you believe this to be an act of DEFAMATION, you are CORRECT.  If you think YOU can SUE Awerealis Knight for shaming you (by your Knight Club ID only) on the HALL of SHAME, you are NOT PERMITTED to Sign-up. There, the hall of shame should stay blank now LOL. Though please, if your attitude ever changes, re-consider your KNIGHT Club membership. Troublemakers should be ASHAMED of themselves, please just leave this site now.

Do you agree to be SHAMED on the KNIGHT Club HALL of SHAME if you end-up failing to comply with the KNIGHT Club selection criteria? Please tick, any honest person would, normally.


Sign-up to KNIGHT Club using this online application form:

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Confirm same Email Address: (this is just to ensure you got it right the first time):

In 25 words or more, use your OWN best writing skills to let me know what you hope to achieve out of KNIGHT Club and out of Life at large (MAX 2000 characters/symbols):

Awerealis Knight will READ your 25 words or more and use his human abilities to determine your level of sincerity and check that you are human too. Since Awer's way busy, it might take time for him to get around to your 25-words or more, but always looks forward to knowing what YOU have to SAY!

If you make it unique and IMPRESSIVE, Awer'll know you're a seriously cool person and surely send you a reply. Only the very best ones will be rewarded find themselves WINNING a FREE PERSONALLY SIGNED Awerealis Knight CD or DVD, YD Clothing, Happy Pink People Artworks, Brilliant reads from Angie's Smart Books, and other awesome GIFTS and PRIZES.

This is not a competition, IT IS A DOOR-PIZE!! It is YOUR CHANCE to WIN cool stuff, simply by making your 25-words or more AS well INTERESTING as POSSIBLE! EVERYONE who fits the selection criteria and joins KNIGHT Club gets a chance at this

Invite a Friend, type in their email address:

As a member of Knight Club, you will recieve periodic emails about KNIGHT Club and what's going on in the life and days of Awerealis Knight. If you do not wish to receive the periodic email, just ignore it, or opt to NOT sign-up.

Yes! I am happy to receive regular KNIGHT Club emails to my supplied email address.

Yes! I PROMISE, HEART, MIND and SOUL, that I won't be a bother AND I am ready to FIGHT alongisde other KNIGHT Club members to achieve a MUCH better world for EVERYONE!

Yes! I am happy to receive emails from KNIGHT Club approved Suppliers about Sustainability, Organic Eating and other relevant offers to help people get themselves OFF-GRID!

Below is a HUMAN'S UNITE box. In order to submit the form, you must convince this program that you are in fact a HUMAN BEING. ROBOTs are not allowed to join KNIGHT Club simply because nearly ALL trawling ROBOTS are useless and/or malicious at the present time.  

[Humans Unite]

Once you're IN, I trust you'll be an awesome new member of the club ...
Under Construction:
This page is currently under construction. We apologise for the inconvenience.

ONE RULE about KNIGHT Club...

Oh and if ya haven't seen FIGHT CLUB yet, grab it from your local DVD shop and enjoy!
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