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Greed and Unsustainable Construction

Posted: Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Have you heard about the MASSVE DAM in CHINA?
It keeps filling up, and they keep relocating the displaced villages further up the mountainside! Also to support their huge population, China has imported a great deal of HEAVY Iron Ore from Australia in particular.... a further weakening of the Earth's crust at the mines here, more weight moved across the Earth's surface to China.

Recall the massive Earthquake in central China in 2008... yeah the one that no one mentioned at the Beijing Olympics!?

Top that off with several massive earthquakes this year throughout Indonesia and the island in Tonga that virtually "disappeared" into the Pacific Ocean. Hundreds killed. At the same time California USA, on the other side of the Pacific, has also been hit again by a mild Earthquake, but in an area so developed as California, even small Earthquakes are costly to property and life.

I speculate the weakened area of the Earth's crust around Indonesia and the Pacific Rim will TEAR APART under the growing weight of the water collecting in China's DAM!!

Help me and my friends, make it clear we want a STOP to such RUDE and UNSUSTAINABLE HUMAN IMPACTs on the EARTH! Please keep in mind, like all places, the average Chinese person will be an AWESOME friend to you, when you get to know them of course - it is the CHINESE ARISTOCRACY and GOVERNMENT that we're pulling under the microscope here.

We can't afford to be apathetic on this issue because the ENTIRE world is at risk of a massive volcanic, geo-thermal event that could send us into a dusty several-year-long winter. Forget hitting the beach next summer... the ocean will be FROZEN!

The last time this happened was in the year 1709, after a hot summer. Scientists are still guessing, but here's my take on what occurred: The sky was dusted with Volcanic Ash and heat from inside the earth which escaped from Mount Fuji and some other volcanoes known to be active at the time. This reflected a lot of heat from the cool sun, and re-routed air-currents globally. Greater variations ground-temperature were noticed everywhere. The result was an unusual and deathly cold Winter, recorded in Europe, that killed hundreds of thousands of people and countless livestock. Back then, there weren't really that many "millions" of people around, so the evident dip in Solar Energy and/or Geo-thermal/Volcanic Event that occurred, was enough to make a huge impact over atmospheric conditions in Europe.

So don't presume the Earth will always be stable under your feet, especially when the sun is at the peak of her 11-year solar cycle NOW (2009), and she's going to start cooling down a little for the next 6 or 7 years. I speculate the Earth is about to let out another BURP of Heat from somewhere, much like what speculatively messed up the global climate in 1709.

Of course it's communist China we are talking about here, this is acting as a survey and awareness campaign more than a petition to stop the dam. In reality it is governments only really who can force a stop on China's dam, so please discuss this issue with your local member of parilament, ask them to make it a policy-issue at the next election.

"Once in, there is only ONE rule about Knight Club... that is, TELL EVERYONE about KNIGHT Club"

Many thanks again for KNUCKLING UP, um, I mean SUBSCRIBING to KNIGHT Club. May all the truly greatest things - health, love and life - be yours everyday too!

Have a brilliant day, Awerealis Knight :) xo

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