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Truth is: Bill Gates won't pay you for forwarding an email.

Posted: Monday, 11 January 2010
The Bill Gates SPAM SCAM again makes the rounds. Here's what I did with allthe email addresses I was able to harvest from this well-known scam email.
Aaw hey folks,

I am sorry to inform you that all reports state that this email-forwarding chain-letter, is in fact a mere scam.
Frankly, in web marketing I see this particular email "make the rounds" every 2 years or so. It evolves a little each time and I'll illustrate the tactics used below if you care to read on about how to protect yourself from this kind o' stuff on the Internet.

I have harvested several hundred email addresses myself from this scam email message and put you all in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field. In the TO field I have put one of my own addresses... a address, somewhat anonymous so you probably even don't know who I am, right?

Isn't it funny how they use something that is believable...? "a very rich man, with techie email tracking software, giving away lots of money to everyone!"

Bill Gates gives his money to projects like new user interfaces for technology and eradication of malaria worldwide. Much more worthwhile than giving money to some random people who forward an email. The perpetrator has harvested all our email addresses, so watch your spam box fill up with even more garbage lol.

Also quite disgustingly, the email panders to human greed by offering a potential alternative route to usurped financial gain by suing the advertiser "for False Advertising".... Oohhh pleeease, I'm gonna be sick! That's seriously messed up, don't you agree? It's okay to feel shocked... it's not okay to feel apathetic lol.

Don't worry, we're all guilty of it at some point in our lives, and the GFC (Global Financial Crisis, also Get F'd C't) hasn't helped anyone!!! The only way to fortunes is to work hard and offer products and services that are maybe unique and perhaps better than the rest... "Dream IT, and do IT"!

So then, you're dashed... this promise of easy-money also goes in the "too good to be true" basket. Done and dusted!

If one reflects more on what happens to one every day, one identifies the fact that history repeats. Shirley Bassey knows it, we all know it. Television programming is the worst culprit. What makes the "repeat" profitable for the "repeater" is that too many people have "forgotten" that they've "seen this episode before".

Lotsa luv an' best wishes to yuz all.
Please feel free to forward this to all your loved ones.

This message is FREE and is not redeemable for anything material lol. And my advertisement is: " NOT FOOLIN' ME ! !

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