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Hindering the The Neat Craze

Posted: Wednesday, 18 November 2009
The world is seriously overpopulated. Some regions reporting biocapacities exceeding 3 times that of ideal sustainability for human life.
There's too many of us in the way.

You might be neurotic over the consipracy theory that the world's elite are out to murder all we common folk with a strange manufactured pathogen, or by forced war or famine. Note you are too late, the genes from Genetically Modified (GM) crops, which the Pope recently endorsed as a solution to world hunger, are already in the food chain.

AND/OR... you might just know in your heart somewhere, that mother nature has her own way of maintaining balance and will continue to throw tsunamis, earthquakes, pandemics and killer storms at us until we wake up. Just hope we all make some changes soon or there won't even be the smell of any roses for us to wake up to!

You either subscribe to one of these theories or you are completely apathetic. I pity those who are apathetic because one or the other is evidently happening now with the knowledge that more racing people are sick with a new type equine bug. They were exposed nursing their beloved dying racing horse whowas due to be sold last weekend for a handsome sum.

Scientists are keeping their eyes peeled on potential Super-Volcano activity in Indonesia, and in Yellowstone USA.

The sun is nearly at the end of its 11-year cycle where it cools off just a little, for just a moment in cosmic time. It could send a nasty wave of plasma at us, with the potential to severly disrupt the protective-powers of the Earth's magnetic field.... OR, it COULD buy us a few years in which to implement two desperately required strategies…

1. Population control in the manner of slowing the worldwide birth rate in developed countries, appears to be the only sane and humane way to deal with this issue. I say ALL HAIL those, typically proud gay, people who decide not to have children of their own - that's a good start. This one is due to mother nature, as studies have proven that the chances of one mother fathering homosexual boys increases significantly with each boy she gives birth to.

2. Reforest the Earth. Awesome people have resurrected ruined forests in Borneo and report the trees release organic chemicals along with their transpired water-vapour that help to cool warm humid air. That forms clouds, and the organic chemicals also seed those clouds to provoke rainfall.

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