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AKAwerealis Knight thinks you're another "Neat-Crazed" Freak



Posted: Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Do you forget what happened YESTERDAY, LAST WEEK, LAST YEAR, when you were 5 YEARS OLD? If so, that makes you a good and perhaps predictable NEAT-CRAZED ZOMBIE who loves MONEY.
For reference to perspective on this issue, listen to my song NEAT CRAZE.

MONEY let's you forget what happened last week.
MONEY buys you KNOWELDGE or MONEY buys you expert SERVICES as required.
MONEY makes people SPECIALISE, ie. "specialiZe" for those who use "Zees" rather than "Zeds" lol :)
MONEY buys you entertainment... so you can "switch-off" and still be awake.
MONEY rules your life, MONEY rules your attitude to life and MONEY rules your attitude toward others.
MONEY is your "KEEPER" .... haha not quite, what I really mean is...
MONEY KEEPS YOU... Rent/Rates, Utilities, Car, Groceries, Taxes.
MONEY funds WARs - after all, one has to have "eggs" to throw, right?
MONEY funds the corrupt, who deliberately keep people poor and naive as "grease in the machine"
MONEY doesn't kill people, but a well-paid HITMAN DOES!

How does MONEY amass so much POWER over people when MONEY is printed on materials that don't match the value of the currency denoted on the currency itself!! That's plain to see. Think about that next time you pay for something.

HARD CASH is merely a REPRESENTATION of VALUE, not a VALUE in itself.

MONEY is a MEDIUM by which economies interact... NOT the physical economies themselves, which consist of REAL PEOPLE with REAL THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and MOTIVATIONS of their OWN to thoughtfully modify thier surroundings to benefit themself, their family, and too, the community about them.

Unless you've been living under a rock the past couple of decades, you'll have seen substantial evidence that there are also ALTER-Economies at play, where dishonest people profit by means of usurping others. Such a backwards economy, that benefit only the people at the top, and everyone knows it's name.... it's called, "CHEATING."

I do agree, MONEY helps all kinds of PEOPLE achieve great things in life. However, MONEY only has a value because WE all AGREE that it does, and appearances tell that in general people uphold and adhere to currency laws happily and quite well.

Having said all that, I am JUST like YOU! I want to MAKE MONEY TOO! It certainly allows life to become a whole more interesting and fulfilling - in the earning of it, as much as the spending lol ;)

Well, at least until we consider returning to the FEUDAL SYSTEM... one day we might go back to offering precious metals, gemstones and commodities - Silver, Sapphires and yea Apple Cider, yummm - in exchange for goods and services, instead of bargaining over international stock prices.

It's a mutual-benefit system that is self-regulating as long as there are PEOPLE around who are happy to TRADE. Since it needs no regulation, it needs no SALES tax, no more reporting to the goverment on you personal and business earnings.

Maybe, in the name of self-sustainability, if people could just happily run farms, like the Amish, for the benefit of their local community first, then also maybe trade surplus stocks with surpus stocks of other communities, the world would be a more more peaceful place. Take some unnecessary middle-men out of the "food chain", so to speak lol.

Supermarkets, couriers and transport companies need not lose out - they can help transport and present the surplus stocks to other communities that want them. I would like to see a dynamic, worldwide, integrated food transport and delivery system happen for this very purpose. All kinds of foods available to everyone. Also there would be stocks at the ready to quickly divert and transport to disaster areas, to aide in their recovery.

The only problem is CRIME absolutely flourishes in law-devoid communities and channels of commerce. There's always some lazy bugger who wants to make lots of money out of not doing very much. The only solutions that ever worked in that situation was to ostracise offenders from the community, or for a more lasting effect, chop of one of their hands.

Governments only really want to make your-business their-business, because they like to monitor the economy - ensure it stays good - and thus, you vote them back in again.

Every time there's a stock- market crash, countries get further in-debted to the Internation Monetary Fund as far as MONEY is concerned, but we already know MONEY is just a REPRESENTATION of VALUE, not a VALUE itself.

Thank goodness governments spend well on defence and police services, AND ridding such services of corruption, it is probably the only thing we need our government to do.

Honest private enterprise can take care of the rest, and do it better and more competitively, with the notion that every single honest human being has a right to live safely and happily, in a luscious natural environment where native birds and animals are treated like true-blue members of the community too.

One of my greatest dreams is that the average person takes it upon themself to GO OFF-GRID... it'll totally peeve all the sobby-snobby rich people off to no end mereckons lol.

Maybe they'll waste a Nuke and infinite rounds trying to destroy anyone who wants to try living SUSTAINABLY outside the international economy. Only they can't. They can't because it'll be too far away and too spread out. Australia is a BIG Country. Naah nah nanaah na, you CAN't FIND ME!

You might think land rates will get us in the end, but I'd be happy to pay my land rates to the Government Council, just so they can still offer me police protection and emergency services. Otherwise, bugger off and LEAVE me ALONE Meddlers LOL.

That's how lazy people make money, they get into an easy well-paid (most often government) job and then have too much time to get into MEDDLING with others' lives. I'm not saying all people are like this of course, just the truly-useless and stupid ones that'll say ANYTHING to get out of doing some HARD work!

It's IMPORTANT TO REFLECT because we otherwise lose important information like:
  • how to build a safe fire for warmth, boiling water and cooking
  • how to manufacture a solar cell
  • what so-and-so said last week that gave you reason to be angry
  • how to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • how to communicate in code, and the methods we have to encode information as a series of 1s and 0s to benefit, usually electronic, signalling applications.
  • how to rear chickens, pigs, cows, how to milk a cow, goats, sheep, how to shear a sheep.
  • what your friend said to make you feel better when you last had reson to feel hurt
  • how to RIDE a HORSE, RIDE a BICYCLE, RIDE a Penny-Farthing lol.
  • how to manufacture fabrics and tan hydes
  • that knives and scissors are two of the single-most useful tools human beings ever invented
  • how to TRADE: EXCHANGE VALUES without using MONEY... ladies might never look at thier jewellery box the same ever again once they know how much each beautiful piece is really worth lol!
  • and much, much more... you can think of plenty of such useful things that you already know.
DON'T FORGET, OR you will be sold over-and-over on the same old bit of carpet that was ripped up from an old pub in the Northern Territory somewhere 20 years ago. Most of the MASS MEDIA loves doing that to you - they make a lot of money out of it.

Recollect, and challenge information when it's regurgitated as new, or somehow incorrect.

David Kosh is pretty cool at showing us how to recollect. Many a time I've heard him say words to this effect, "...but didn't this happen a couple of years ago? Why hasn't something been done yet? Is there anything we and our viewers can do to help?" Gold Koshie, gold!

I say recall everything, but accept nothing until you have validated it and cross-referenced it against every other relevant experience you have, are having, or are yet to have in your life. Mould your opinions well, and furnish them selectively.

It's not hard to review your opinions when anything new comes along to support or challenge your opinion. I try to give more things the "benefit of the doubt" until I've had time to think about it and know the topic or situation better.

Things are not always what they seem. Be aware though, the Judge Judy Rule prevails in the end, IF IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, IT'S NOT TRUE! Just make sure you've all the facts first before making any calls.

NOTHING is for Nothing.
But EVERYTHING is FREE, if you know how to GROW it, BUILD it, SEW it, CHILL it.

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