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Human to Computer Confusion - a dig at Microsoft

Posted: Wednesday, 13 January 2010
Here I present some ways Microsoft has violated the solid Human-Computer Interface Guidelines developed by CERN way back in the 1960s and 70s.
Ok so right up... don't show me a user interface with a default pointer cursor if the computer is too busy to make the user interface immediately operable. This happens ALL THE TIME on Windows Vista and is frustrating to say the very least.  I'm not sure, but maybe Windows 7 has dealt with this. I'm too afraid to upgrade, not to mention totally unwilling due to all the problems that have surfaced in Vista since Windows 7 was released.

How slow and painful has Windows Vista become now Windows 7 is out? I don't trust Microsoft to keep Vista running for long at all. It was truly a balls-up! Truth is, they want you to upgrade and pay them more money for the privilege. Freezes, crashes and the KSOD (Black Screen of Death) are but the tip of the iceberg. I've also seen Windows Vista hang with a completely visible screen and a frozen mouse-pointer. The last place I saw this problem was on MacOS Classic version 9. Mac OS 10 doesn't do this, and Windows never did it before, but now it does. Make up your own mind, and consider Apple Mac or Linux as an alternative to buggy productivity-killing Windows.

Hackers/Crackers are finding all the "backdoors" that Windows is fraught with, and taking the world down with gusto! If there was ever any proof the "cold war" is not over, this is surely it.

Vista: a dark cloud over a barren valley...

Windows Vista often reboots of its own accord, crashing and rebooting, overheating and hanging, it doesn't SAVE any open files. Too bad if you have that all-important proposal due by COB and Micrsoft decide to rollout some "urgent" patch that requires an "urgent" reboot, and since you are outside taking a break when that happens, you lose your unsaved file and it's NOT your fault. It's Microsoft.

Vista Explorer Violates HCI Rules - 2 Windows NOT 4< The window preview on the task bar shows FOUR stacked/shadowed windows, even when there are only TWO windows grouped under the one program name. This is a case of visual pollution that has confused me a few times... I've learned to look at the number on the task-bar button instead of the stacked-preview. I really shouldn't have to do so.

Notepad Wordwrap mode. First seen in Windows 2000 and XP, it's f**ed, the stupid thing forgets where the line-break characters are and puts them wherever it likes in lines of text that are longer than the width of the screen. Vista was supposed to be a rewrite of Windows, and this annoying bug is STILL around. Notepad in Windows 98 and prior, was a much better program. There are many examples of how Vista WASN'T a rewrite, just look into it - Microsoft's marketing team are a crowd of delusional lyers, make no mistake.

Why in tabbed browsing do Rich Edit Controls always seem to bug out and refuse to accept a typing-cursor when other tabs do things on Javascript timers and HTTP REFRESH directives. I have to switch to another program and come back to my browser with rich edit so that it will work again. Simply taking focus from the control on the same page is not enough, you have to ALT-TAB and fully switch appication windows. Sometimes clicking another tab and coming back works to reset it, but not always. Facebook is particularly susceptible even with it's text only boxes where you type an email message... another tab refreshes or a timer reloads something, and you can't even see it because you are on a different tab... the control will take the cursor wherever you click it, but simply won't type... too bad if you were halfway thru a sentence and not really looking at the screen. Wassted re-typing. Computer software at present is darn stupid.

Stop stuffing with FIREFOX and other competing softwares. Safari gets a free run coz Apple and Windows have tied the knot, so to speak. FIREFOX LUCKS OUT. I have seen all manner of problems that are evidently not the fault of Firefox because they have occurred after automatic-updates to Windows, not Firefox Updates. Firefox Updates "almost" always make Firefox work better it appears. Windows Updates always screw it up! Today my firefox window in regular window mode is invisible on the screen, and the old school right-click the task bar button and choose resize and move then use ARROW KEYS age AGAIN the only solution. This "off screen window" bug has been around and affecting Firefox in particular FOREVER! I remember it happening in Windows 3.1!!! FIX IT ALREADY and stop letting bugs through to new releases just because they benefit your wanton anti-trust desires MS. It's easy... just don't allow any Windows to be positioned off-screen. In this hacker-ruled world, why is this not the case already?

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