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Public Money being used to finance Search Engine campaigns: WTF?

Posted: Sunday, 1 November 2009
Please, don't let the money trickle out of Australia into the coffers of big multi-nationals!
200911 PublicMoneyUsedToFinancePPC 300 imageHow disgusted I was to learn that I pay Tax, just so the government can pass that money on to Google and Yahoo when someone clicks on a sponsored link in their Internet Search Engines.

...this is totally WRONG!
It adversely affects ALL Australians, and rorts ALL Australian Taxpayers. It's BAD for the economy.

We already know that our government uses marketing campaigns to "try and reach us" as they say, but it's more like "to be seen to be doing someting about public problems". Maybe that's so we'll vote the current government back in "subconsciously" at the next election. You decide :)

My personal perspective is...

Sorry, but if I choose not to eat my 5 serves of veggies and 2 serves of fruit each day, then I DESERVE the associated health problems.

Health really is an individual's responsibility and Doctor's are consultants, not directors! Health is easy to maintain when one uses common-sense. Why most people go for the chocolate biscuit instead of a yummy apple or banana, will always be an issue that fries my brain... in saturated animal fat !

All that aside, I won't dispute that Government Marketing Campaigns are actually excellent job-creation mechanisms. These campaigns air on local Radio, screen on local TV, employ local production crews and local marketing teams... and that's good for the economy! The messages they contain are valid, timely and true.

However, Yahoo and Google are MULTI-NATIONALs! By having Pay Per Click campaigns on these networks, the Government is effectively sending Taxpayers' money overseas each time someone clicks on one of the sponsored links. Even though the campaign will most surely only be on Australian Computer Screens thanks to Google and Yahoo's targeting features, ten cents here and thirty-cents there is costing us all precious money!

Stupid, wrong, evil, backwards, and UNBELIEVABLE!
Well, WE let it happen by not taking a stand.

What's the point of having the "Australian Made" system after all? Most money generated in Australia, ends up back overseas quick-smart. Why? It's because Australians are bigger importers than we are exporters. Thankfully the Government has recently campaigned that the Australian Made logo will appear on home-grown produce and products that is exported... um, wasn't this happening already...?

Now the Internet, coupled with steady rises in the number of Credit and Debit Cards out there, has opened up access to products and services from sellers worldwide. A good thing, only people really don't seem to think about putting their money where their mouth is anymore. Instead it generally goes on fulfiilling unsustainable fancies and fantasies, hopes and self-indulgent whims.

You know, the country would be bankrupt already if it wasn't for the steadily increasing stream of immigrants being allowed into the country, bringing their money, and money-making potential here to help us out. It's probably the reason why immigration can't keep a good control over illegal immigrants as it is.

Any other country treats aliens like aliens, Australia lets them land and take over. Again why? It's because they actually create immediate-term wealth for the country, where from all other corners we are allowing ourselves to be sucked dry.

So please, don't let the money trickle out to big multi-nationals!

We need every last cent we can spare to pay back the Billions of Dollars of debt that we now have due to silly one-off tax bonuses of 2009. Those were apparently designed to stave-off a recession during the global economic "meltdown" where basically a bunch of already-rich banker dudes made off with millions and are now shored-up home on their own island somewhere, living the life everyone else has almost given up on ever achieving.

Though on the books the bonuses appear to have worked,  in the "suburbs" it is a totally different story if you know what I mean. No one has any cash at the moment, in order to hold onto what they dear.


First of all, please don't click on any sponsored links that connect to websites, or any .gov address for that matter because governments should not be marketing via Pay Per Click, period!

AUSTRALIAN'S, please tell your government that you don't agree with Public Money being used to finance Pay Per Click campaigns, supplied by Multi-National companies.

If you are as angry as I am about this, please consider writing a letter to the Prime Minister - use the text from this page if you like... I honestly forego copyright on this article so that you can.  All it will costs is one Australian Stamp, one Australian Pine Plantation produced envelope, one Sheet of Australian Paper, an Australian Ink Refill, and just a little of your time, which I totally appreciate even if no one else ever does.

Alternatively, you can mail or email the Prime Minister by going to his li'l website

Aaww sweet!
Many awesome thanks for your help everyone!

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