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What the Heck happened to Common Sense?

Posted: Thursday, 1 October 2009
Did it DIE or something? Oh come on, you know what I mean!? Where did the ability for human beings to exercise due diligence and altruistic offers of assistance from our fellow people?
Here is a journal entry that shows how this horrible problem has pervaded:

Is the "Common Trust" all but dead?

One Sunday In September 2009, my best mate D-Man and I found need to visit the new-ish Coles supermarket in Jimboomba. As we approached the entrance-doorway, so too did a woman who I'd say was in her early 50s with short grey-hair, neatly and conservatively dressed in a skirt and blouse of grey and pink. She was certainly of caucasian descent, just like D and I. She was, I presume, in her own right, there to do some Sunday morning shopping, just like we were.

Now I won't say that we two men didn't look kind o' tall and oppressive, because we probably did! We like to work as a team, and we're both the type of person who focuses on bringing value to those around us. It's no wonder we agree on most things about how messed-up the world is these days. We also hold modest confidence in the fact that we're not as stupid as the average random person on the street. So, I guess that probably shows quite clearly in our bicameral mannerisms.

Anyway, D and I stopped in our tracks, about 1 to 2 metres away from the woman, leaving clear passage to the doorway. Our mother's taught us well, that displaying Chivalry is a mark of respect to any woman, something she will appreciate and recall about you. Call us "Mummy's boys" if ya like, that's probably true too LOL!

In that very moment, the woman paused momentarily, looking right at us with a slight expression that clearly read, "Please don't hurt me," and both her hands moved to hold her handbag close to her side. I honestly can't remember if I smiled or not, but I was in a pretty good mood that day, so I seriously doubt I had a frown on my face. The woman then looked ahead and proceeded to walk into the supermarket.

D commented immediately: "You see man!? This is what I'm talking about... the world is really f**ked up these days... WE show CHIVALRY, and SHE shows FEAR...! Did you see the way she clutched her handbag like we were gonna grab it off her or something?!"

I concurred. All the old-school friendly messages displayed in body-language are completely losing ground in the modern world.

Australia's multi-culturalist nature is starting to cause real problems for all people at large. I speculate it's being destroyed partly by illegal immigrants and also the legal immigrants who do not uphold the Australian Constitution, and speak English like they are supposed to.

I fear this situation will only ever get worse as time flies by.

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