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Posted: Thursday, 1 October 2009
Awer has your attention now, right?
Okay, so with much goings-on in the world today, it's all too easy to lose sight of the fact that human beings are like, um, killing the planet! Yeah I know, I know... right, you have too many of your own challenges going on right now, to worry much about maintaining a livable planet for your decendants! Haha OK... so enough blatent reverse-psychology... here I identify the main reasons that people IGNORE the rape and murder of Mother Earth:

"Big, greedy, Multinational companies are the ones responsible for killing the planet."

YOU buy their "unsustainable" products. YOU are perhaps fooled by their media marketing and sensational claims about their products. Do you know why BRAND products are more expensive than Generic Brands? Because TV Commercials and Print Advertising are expensive to make, place and screen. That marketing cost is recovered by adding more to the margin on product unit prices. Why do things cost double or more at retail than at wholesale? Because wholesalers work hard, tarry not, make a buck, and go home early when the work's done... whereas Retailers generally tend to stand around a fair bit - yawning, maybe selling a product or two - that 100 percent markup pays sales assistant salaries. A retail customer service rep, after such a day - standing up for too long and lifting heavy merchandise - your average retail assistant will complain of boredom, listlessness, an inability to focus or concentrate, and might also have various aches, cramps and pains... For most, boredom is cured by TV, listlessness is cured by SEX, inability to concentrate is cured by EATING/DRINKING, and aches are cured by PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICATIONS like PARACETAMOL, IBUPROFEN... and worse!

What can YOU do NOW?
Boycott and abandon "unsustainable" products. Choose to purchase goods at wholesale market prices where possible. Buy organic products from ethical companies that use ecologically sustainable production practices, and also provide good working conditions and good incentives for their employees and their families to maintain happiness and wellbeing. For insect control, don't leave food out for the little blighters, and use a rolled-up newspaper or a  fly-swatter. If you are a retail assistant, use your idle moments standing in the shop to flex, stretch and exercise your "core" muscles, so you don't hurt yourself when lifting heavy merchandise - read a good book rather than watching TV - make LOVE, rather than just having SEX - EAT WELL and in healthy MODERATION - UNDERSTAND that 90% of all HEADACHES are the body's signals of dehydration, cured simply by drinking a glass of water or two - PURE WATER, don't drink FLUORIDATED WATER as it is known to cause the undesriable emotion of APATHY, in the brains and bodies of normal people.

"I'll be dead by the time "that" happens, so I won't worry too much.

BOM Why Does Rain Fall Out To Sea? says AWER! With the unprecedented growing population and the rate of deforestation around the world, the rains are already falling elsewhere, mainly wastefully on the oceans. This map of South-East Queensland Australia, shows where the land mass is missing out on precipitation because after years of economic growth and land development, the surface of the ground is now simply too HEAT REFLECTIVE for the rain to fall there! Still, more and more trees get cut down for houses to go up! The map shows that moist air has been carreid out over the cool Pacific Ocean, beyond the edge of the continental shelf, and has rained there instead.
In the next two decades, as crops become increasingly harder to grow due to RAINFALL DISPLACEMENT, we are likely to see the start of global FOOD WARS. You will surely starve away into your old age, if you don't get killed at the supermarket first... fighting with your neighbour over the last MANUFACTURED tin of baked-beans in the world!

What can YOU do NOW?
Um, what else can I say, but if you are so APATHETIC then you totally need to check yourself, wake up and SMELL THE PETROCHLOR! Maybe you could benefit from SMILING once in a while, and PLEASE for livings-sake, STOP DELUDING yourself! Adjust your atitude by dispensing with that miserable SPIRAL TO DEATH mentality - TOO EASY to subscribe to just because everyone else is doing it.... SIGH. Why not rather opt for an EMBRACING OF LIFE mentality instead? Is that all too hard? You know it, YOU only get ONE GO at this awesome thing they call, LIFE! So why not do something for YOU that makes YOU and all those around YOU HAPPY, and then do some more?!

"Mother nature will sort us all out on her own, she will maintain the balance.

WRONG says AWER! If the 5->8.0 magnitude Earthquakes and TSUNAMIS in Indonesia and the Pacific Islands OCT/2009, are not enough to show Australian's that a tsunami is possible on the East AU Coast, I don't know what is!?  Proven every day in the news, nature's fury kills thousands of innocent people each year, and several hundred guilty ones too (good riddance). NO it isnot just that there is MORE COVERAGE now, it's because MORE BAD STUFF is ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!
In a bit of a "queer" twist, some speculate "homosexuality" to be another of mother nature's KEYS to population control, with successive male births to the same woman proving to have increasing probability of being gay. If you are not gay, next time you meet a gay person, get over any closed-minded red-neck attitude you might have first, and THANK THEM for helping bring back sustainability to human life on Earth. People in general, through their own intent or neglect, kill more of themselves and each-other per year, than mother nature ever could hope to. Stupid rich-men's wars, traffic indidents, tobacco use, murders, just because it's not on the 6 O'Clock news does not mean it isn't happening right now, somewhere. Unless we're all struck down with the next "killer" flu, or the Earth is struck directly by some massive meteorite, or by the cosmic wind from an inconveniently directed solar flare... humans have already out-balanced the Earth anyway... are you TOO LATE?! NOT AT ALL, the majority of us are STILL HERE, and still taking cash from our backwards-leaders who telll and reward us all to BREED! Funny thing is, when people are offered cash bonuses from governments to have children, it encourages, by means of greed, greater proportions of people of less than average intelligence to reproduce. Are we intentionally breeding TV-ZOMBIES to prop-up unsustainable economies for some greedy reason? That doesn't help. Single parent families are in abundance these days, and are simply and quite apparently unsustainable... sad, but the parents do find out once the "bonus" cashfrom the government is long gone and all their 3-and-more children all need to be put through a dozen or more years of school, AND then... ALL OF THEM need HELP with their HOMEWORK! Mother nature will punish us BIG TIME for over-population one day, but don't delude yourself that it's not all our own dumb fault to start with!

What can YOU do NOW?
Plant a tree for YOU - a tree for YOUR PARTNER - and a TREE for the NATION (Costello says, "Hey A-bott!")!! Now this one sounds like a total economy-crusher, but gaawsh... STOP having so MANY freaken KIDS ya crazy rabbits! And take very good care of the "bunnies" you already have making sure they learn to survive, live sustainably, develop their individual purpose, and get the most out of their lives without having to lazily and rudely walk-all-over other people to get it. If you REALLY WANT to PAY your DEBT to Global Sustainability, then you can quash your guilt simply by planting and nurturing the trees - too easy yeah ?! 

"Technology is at fault for killing the world. A robot stole my job. I reckon let technology continue to take the world down so that when it all fails I'll be up there ready to work with my trusty old hands and feet, and all the children will be useless and need training in the manual and home arts from people like me!

WRONG says AWER! Humans created technology... so blame the humans that built and employed the technology, not the technology itself for your inability to interact with it, like kids seem to do so easily because they're brains are WIRED for it. If you are angry about technology, you most probably fall into the 40 to 55 year age group of hardworking people (ref. 2010) that trust their own hands, but NOT their computer when they hit a wrong key by accident! If you "grew up" and started working in the late 1960s, through the 70s and early 80s, then YOU are probably what I like to call A TECHNOPHOBE BY DEFAULT. Also quite strangely apparent, Cars, Refrigerators, Televisions, Phones, Gas BBQs and Kitchen Appliances do not "count" as technology to TECHNOPHOBIC people. That's because, who wants to go without their toaster and hold their bread over an open fire instead? Also keep well in mind, if your toaster is powered by coal-fired electricity sources, then it is just as bad as toasting it over an open fire as far as carbon emissions are concerned.

What can YOU do?
Embrace renewable electricity sources, new low-powered computers, automated software and robot technologies. There is no reason for a person to hurt thier hands when a machine can do the job instead. You know your parents agree with this, just look at all the SENIORS jumping on FACEBOOK to chat to relatives and friends, in the next town and abroad! So what?! The Internet makes the world smaller from a communications perspective, though at the same time, on an individual level, makes life a whole lot larger for everyone! Get Automated already!

So... What WILL YOU DO?

Yeah, probably nothing... am I correct? 

Well then, I can't say I didn't try to get through to some of you fairly. Damn shame everyone loves their great little NEAT CRAZE fandangles that have flooded the consumer market since the mid 20th Century.

When Nintendo released the frst Game Boy with Tetris in the 1980s, all countries that sold the product posted million and billion-dollar market loses due to a marked decline in productivity - and that was just in the first FEW WEEKS of its release!! Crikey, don't HUMANS love unproductive time-killing challenges?!!

Everyone knows GREED and SLOTH are TWO of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS. Deadly sins are identified in reality, so forget God and Satan, they have no power here. Since the majority says we gotta raze the Earth for all she's got then lay back and watch her die, few seem to REALLY go outta their way to make any changes. Developers keep cutting down trees to house the ever-swarming population. We really like our Friday Nights too much.

Don't you think if we all band together, we can put some forests back? Maybe develop land smarter to incorporate forests as the important MAGNETS for RAINFALL that they evidently are? It's scientifically proven that forests encourage rainfall, just look at the amazing work done in Borneo to recover raided rainforests in just 6 short years. Yes, let's plant trees, then the rains will return, right? Now I just know you're thinking of excuses to just sit on your fat arse instead.

Think about it, HOW WILL YOU DIE?? ...starving in a desert that used to be the town you lived in all your life? ...or contented in the knowledge that you planted some trees, recycled like a mad fool, purchased green electricity... did you REALLY TAKE A LOOK at mother nature and FEEL THE LOVE OF LIFE that vibrates in all the amazing sights, smells, sounds and textures, of all the things about us? Hmmm, I doubt it.

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